no educNext Level National Outreach Inc has been delivering results since we launched in 2013. We are an innovative, extracurricular, educational, mentoring and training, 501 (c)(3), federally tax exempt, non-profit organization, committed to improving the lives of young African American and Latino males, ages twelve through twenty years.  While our initial geographical target was the Inglewood area of Los Angeles County, our current target is the Birmingham area of Jefferson County. Our long-range goal is to provide integrative, anti-violence education, and life skills development support for low income, minority youth nationwide. Our current goal is to generate sufficient funding to implement our core workshop modules by the Spring of 2017. In what is our sixth year of operation, we will serve over 150 individuals. These individuals will be recruited from local schools and probation departments, and other non-profit and social service organizations with which we have developed strategic alliances.

Next Level has developed a multi-level approach to empowering the young men in our ‘Programs or Success’ with concrete knowledge and skills. We have charted a meticulous course of action which takes an individual from a path of potential self destruction, to one of self accomplishment, self-discipline, motivation and respect, for self and others. Our methods involve psycho social intervention, diversion tactics and proven didactic techniques, which foster emotional balance, anger control and and improved cognitive skills, particularly in those individuals who have been exposed to harsh, social circumstances.

Since our beginning, Next Level has been a safe have, and a nurturing environment for young men of color, who have come to us to vent, to be reassured of their self worth, and to seek refuge from an outside, often hostile world.

At our interim headquarters, we have inspired many young men of color to feel comfortable in their own skin, many of whom have gone on to make significant positive changes in their lives; by taking school seriously, by engaging in job training and by becoming productive, law-abiding citizens.

We have seen first hand, the trans-formative impact of our educational platforms on individuals, who otherwise seemed doomed to lives of crime, and imprisonment, and impoverishment. Our goal, our plan, our passion is to expand the culture of Next Level, beyond our own walls, to a growing number of African American and Latino youth, that they will be motivated to emulate good character, ethical behavior and tolerance.